Reclaiming Our Spaces Recap!

It's time to conclude the Reclaiming Our Spaces series.  I have enjoyed the challenge and enjoyed working alongside the sweet Jacqueline from Creative-Outpour.

I learned a lot doing this series.  

I learned how to use PicMonkey and that editing photos takes a lot of blogging time, especially when you are adding your watermark.
I learned that Pinterest is a great place to share organizing ideas I share here.
I learned that working alongside someone keeps me on target.
I learned to work ahead of the deadline so I could easily meet the deadline.
I learned that the system I have in place for my kids' clothing works like a charm.
I learned I have a leaky sink in the girls' bathroom.
I learned that everything behind my kitchen cabinets is superbly organized.
I learned that using a tub system for toys works better for my family in this stage.
I learned that my seven year is a collector and wants to keep everything, even favorite t-shirts she can no longer wear.
I learned that you don't always need a new gadget or container, but you always need to purge.
I learned that I have more craft stuff than I remembered.
I learned that each organized space needs to be hit again in about 4 months (one space a day) to maintain this house with this family in this stage.  Plus, everyone is always evolving so systems constantly need to be tweaked.

Reclaiming Our Spaces re-cap:

Reclaiming my kids spaces:
7 year old
3 year old
creative area

Family space:

entry closet
kids closet
master closet

My space:
office area
holiday decor

I really hope you've enjoyed this series.  I hope you got a few ideas for your own clutter traps.  I hope you are motivated to either get started one space at a time or if you worked alongside me, I hope you are now better equipped to maintain your organized space.

Now, I'm off to maintain the first space I reclaimed, my office.

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