Organize your holiday decorations: Reclaiming Our Spaces Series

I spent time this week organizing Fall home decorations!  The Fall decorations have been stored in the all closet for years but a few weeks ago I moved them into my daughter's large closet.  They've been sitting in old paper boxes on the top shelf.  The decorations needed new boxes and labels and needed to be better sorted.  

They weren't in a big jumble but I wanted to super sort them:
Just last week a friend of mine messaged me and said if I wanted anything from The Container Store she'd pick it up for me.  I knew exactly what I needed.  They have "deep sweater boxes" that were the perfect size for this shelf.  I could use my vertical space perfectly because of the size of these tubs.  And they were $10 each.  Not super cheap, not super steep!

I live within these container boundaries.  Obviously if we want to keep anything else Halloween something's gotta go, but we have plenty of room for anything Thanksgiving.

These tubs are clear enough and this system makes so much sense I almost didn't label them.  But honestly, labeling is not just for the organized person.  Labels help everyone in the house!  If I need help in retrieval, I can ask for it with very little instruction!  

Take note I was also intentional about which box I put where.  It's a natural seasonal progression as I walk into the closet.  

I went ahead and took a few extra minutes to re-write the other labels in this closet: Spring and Valentine's Day have been stored in here for a few years already.  I used real chalk before I discovered how great chalk pens were for longevity.

And here's a bonus for you.  I know "dust jackets" is not seasonal.  But this box fits perfectly here.  I wanted to preserve the dust jackets that came with some precious books.  First I stored them on the top shelf of a book shelf.  But we ended up needing that shelf for growing collections.  This adorable gift box was just sitting in the closet empty and dust jackets fit perfectly into it.  And everyone knows I love here's a bonus idea for you!

Do you need your seasonal home decor organized?  Janet and I are happy to help you get it all organized so decorating is more fun and less chore!  Just give us a call or shoot us an email!

See what Jacqueline worked on this week!

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