Daily assignments

As a "stay-at-home" Mom it can be easy to feel like days pass without getting anything accomplished. It can also be difficult to focus on tasks because everything seems like it needs to be done NOW.

To help myself in this area I assigned myself a different task for each day:

Monday: Cleaning - I have a file full of "to-do" checklists for each room so I stay on task. I often just spend 15 minutes in each room (thanks Fly-lady) while my tot naps.

Tuesday: Paperwork and phone calls - I could use two days for this! This helps with mail clutter. If I get something in the mail that does not go into my "finances" file or the trash, I put it in my Tuesday file to read or shred. I also use Tuesday to schedule appointments (doc etc.). I can often do this while I'm working on paperwork.

Wednesday: Project day (things that take a chunk of time to do). I can use this day for a big cleaning job (fridge cleaning etc.), or for paperwork I didn't get done on Tuesday, attacking that mending pile, or whatever. However, since this assignment is so vague it is the easiest day to get wasted. But the best way to spend this day is ORGANIZING!

Thursday: Correspondence - I think birthdays, anniversaries, and relationships in general are IMPORTANT. Making a special day for this means I don't forget to celebrate those I love and need. I also use this day to write letters to Doctors, insurance, or anything like that.

Friday: Laundry - my dryer takes a long, long, long time so I try to make use of my time while WAITING on the dryer. I recently moved this chore from Thursday to Friday so that my husband can help me. After all, my clothes aren't the only ones being washed!

Saturday: open for family time-MY HUSBAND LETS ME SLEEP IN!

Sunday: Finances - After church and lunch my tot takes a nap. Posting entries in my finance software, paying bills, reconciling accounts and all can really take a lot of time and I need to FOCUS. When my daughter wakes up, my husband is on duty. I also use this time to visit couponmom.com. I can print out my shopping lists and organize them with my coupons as I plan for the week.

This system really works for me. I have used it for over 2 years. Occasionally I have tweaked the days/assignments. You just need to decide what tasks are important for you and assign days for them. Keep tweaking your system!

If you work outside of the home this system can also work for you. After supper, enlist your family's help in cleaning. It is vital your family learns to help take care of their own stuff, mess, and YOU. Once the kids are in bed, dedicate an hour to your "assignment" for the day. If an hour seems too difficult start with 30 minutes. 30 minutes of focused time may get more accomplished than what you are doing now.

Try it. You might like it!


RHONDA said...

if you move your dryer away from the wall you will find your clothes dryer quicker.

Holly said...

Rhonda, I also just learned this easy tip that is working today! Add a dry towel with your wet load into the dryer. I just used a hand towel and my clothes seems to be drying quicker!

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