How I de-cluttered my kids' closet: Reclaiming Our Spaces series

This week I accidentally de-cluttered my daughter's closet.  I wasn't sure what to work on this week but with school starting soon we went though all of her clothes so we knew exactly what she had going into the 2nd grade.  She had plenty of clothes so we only purchased two pairs of shoes and one dress.  My daughter had a good time seeing all of her clothes one by one because she too had forgotten what she had.

We get most of her clothes by hand-me-downs and she had a lot because of that.  One thing I realized in this process is that I do a good job weeding through her clothes on a weekly basis.  I notice what she is outgrowing and I pull those clothes from the dryer.  Then I put them in the container located in the laundry room designated for outgrown clothes. My system works!

I had been thinking of how to improve our daily system for school season and I knew having a place for daily outfits would do us good.  We choose her clothes for the week on Sunday night.  So I bought this great days-of-the-week clothing organizer on Amazon for $10.  She loves it.

 Last year we were just using this "empty" space on the right to store the week's clothes.  But I used a pink and green striped cube from Clever Container in here to take better advantage of the vertical space within this shelf.
 And above that shelf is where we are storing hand-me-downs that are too big.  I'm so thankful for her large closet.  In 2008 we added 500 square feet onto the back of our house to make it 1777 square feet.  Ivy's bedroom and closet are a part of that addition.  I use all the top shelves for family storage (paint cans, birthday party supplies and gifts, sleeping bags...).
Hanging next to the daily clothing organizer is the belt hanger that I got from Clever Container.  In the summer I use it to store swimming attire and in the cold months we hang tights on it.
 On the opposite wall is a handmade snake hook rack.  My deceased Father-In-Law made it with my husband when he was little.  It's very special and I find it ironic that it stores these frilly girl things.
 The shoe organizer was actually a storage piece I found at a garage sale. It's suppose to stand perpendicular to how it is.  But it has worked superbly as a shoe organizer: boots, slip-ons, sandals, tennis shoes.  Easy peasy!

One thing I use this closet for is wrapping storage.
 I culled the tissue paper and got rid of more than half.  Who wants to store and manage twice this much?  Not me!  Below that is the bag of gift bags and the container of actual wrapping paper.
 I wanted to tackle the top shelves in this closet too but I just ran out of time.  I took my youngest daughter's outgrown stuff to a friend who is going to consign them.
 I found a home for most of the items I was no longer using.  I kept the big hangers as it hit me that my 7 year old will soon need them (she's growing fast!).  I donated the large vacuum bags.  I prefer compression bags.  I am going to donate the 480 sheets of yellow tissue paper to Ivy's art teacher.  And I'm still looking for a home for this large but versatile wrapping station (the red thing).
I also recycled seven old magazines.  
 And I topped it all off by cleaning up after  hanging with these two lovelies:
See what space Jacqueline reclaimed over at Creative Outpour! 

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