"I was totally overwhelmed by the accumulated clutter in practically every room of our house. I knew something had to be done but had no idea where to start or how. It seemed just too big! Then I remembered meeting Holly from Simply Organized at a networking meeting and gave her a call. I was beyond embarrassed to have the Simply Organized gals look at how we were living, but Holly was so reassuring and gentle that I gulped and let them in.

Not only was Simply Organized non-judgmental, but they were very matter-of-fact and had an almost immediate game plan for how to tackle our house. They devised a room by room system that we worked through together. That's really important that they worked side-by-side with me because I never felt I'd relinquished control of my house and our possessions, but I also wasn't alone anymore. They worked tirelessly, were huge cheerleaders, and are amazingly smart and simple in their solutions. Nothing felt like a huge lifestyle change, but all the little changes added up quickly.
Over a year later, our house isn't in "showroom" condition, but it also is very well organized and clean. Small bits of clutter do still appear, but I now have tools and techniques for dealing with them before they become "decor" and overwhelming.
I'm very proud of the home Simply Organized helped me create. Now I'm never embarrassed to have people drop by and I'm ready to invite people over for any occasion. Best of all, we now live in a simply organized way because Holly and Janet have helped me get there and taught me how to keep it up. I am beyond grateful to Simply Organized. They changed our lives for the better.
Anyone would be well served by Simply Organized. They are clever, friendly, fun, and affordable. I've learned you don't need to live with clutter. Simply Organized can help you take and keep control of your home." - Shawna T. Fayetteville, AR

"Holly's approach to organizing is refreshing! She was able to see creative solutions for my organization problems, and set to work on those solutions using the space and materials I already had. Holly is personable, easy to work with, and flexible when helping families on projects in the home." - Rhonda F. Rogers, AR

"THANK YOU! My playroom is amazing! I can't believe you sorted all the toys, organized it all and even moved some furniture I was hoping to move later. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'll be purging toys and storing some away to rotate for later, but I'd still be knee high in barbie's and nerf guns without your help!" -Shannon of Rogers, AR

"I'm functional in this kitchen because of you! Everything makes sense. Thank you." - Casey B. of Fayetteville, AR

"Remember when you told me that children do better at cleaning up when you tell them to put stuff in its home?...that a GENIUS tip! Thanks for sharing. My 3 year old is doing much better since we bought a toy organizer and everything has a home for him to put them in. The toys are getting played with more too." - Amy B. of Springdale, AR

"I knew I had a desk under there somewhere and the ladies at Simply Organized helped me find it. Since they taught me how to organize my daily papers and household files my desk has been clear. It's an organizational miracle, I'm pretty sure. The most surprising thing is how much lighter I feel. I'm not wasting so much mental energy trying to remember what I need to do or where a certain thing is. Even better, I only think about bills on one of the week now. Awesome!" - Stephanie M. of Fayetteville, AR

"What's great about Simply Organized is that the team custom-designs organization solutions that work with your lifestyle and natural tendencies. There's no cookie cutter approach or stringent ideals to which you're bound, which is awesome." - Scribe Marketing, Inc. of Fayetteville, AR

"I have two small children and two small businesses, so they had quite a task. They went through the piles of papers on my desk and set up a logical system to manage incoming and pending paperwork, personal and business. They also organized binders, pictures and other items. I came home to a clean and organized desk as well as a homemade loaf of cinnamon bread with contact information. I no longer feel my blood pressure rising when I look at my desk." - Shannon S. of Fayetteville, AR

"Thank you so much for your help on Friday.  Showing quick progress on a task really helped keep me motivated!  I hope I can have you help me again in the near future!" - Nicki of Rogers, AR

"I was reading your organization blog, and saw the idea to use the over the door shoe organizer to keep stuff organized in the pantry. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited, because I am baby proofing the house, and still hadn't figured out where I was going to put the cleaning supplies up that were under the sink that was still easily accessible. Then, I hung it up on the inside of my pantry door and moved the supplies into the pockets. Super organized, easy to see, and out of reach - PERFECT!!! Also, I got a second one to keep tall bottles (like vinegar and adult beverages) and it was perfect too!" - Jessie S. of Fayetteville, AR

 "Holly knows her business. She is a friendly, no-nonsense organizational expert who gets down to business and gets the work done.

Holly has written a series of guest blogs for Evolved Mommy that continue to get incredible traffic and engagement. Her topics were relevant to our readers, the posts were well written and the work was produced on time.

I always love working with Holly. She's got a great personality and a professional attitude, which is the perfect mix.

To see a few of her writing samples visit these links: 

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