Organize your entry closet: Reclaiming Our Spaces series!

The closet in the entryway is never big enough is it?  Who uses it just for coats?  I use mine for a ton of things.  I accidentally started on this closet.  I wanted to try out different shelves in here even though I've decided once again custom shelving would be the bomb.  The shelves didn't work so I went back to using what I had.  It's not a terrible solution, I just don't like that what I store in here is too heavy for the shelves.

I was thinking I needed a different organizing tool to fix my issues.  But it quickly hit me that it was simply time to de-clutter what I was storing.  Lightbulb!  I should know better.  I'm a Professional for goodness sakes!

So, that's all I did.  I got rid of stuff I haven't used, was broken, whatever.  And this is my result.  I know it's not fancy but wow is it incredibly functional.
No, I did not cram junk underneath the shelf...that is how we are storing kites!  Have you ever tried to store those cheap things?!  There's no getting around how messy they look.  
I am my own handyman around here.  Okay, that's not completely true.  But these are MY tools and the items I need to be organized and make things pretty.  

I keep watering cans here in the closet for when my littles want to help water the plants with the rain barrel water.  Truth be told these were being stored on the floor in front of the shelving unit which means I had to move them sometimes to get to the stuff on the shelf.  This top shelf is just where I find myself looking for these items so I store them there.

I don't waste the potential storage on the back of my doors.  You can get a double pocket over the door pantry organizer like this at Clever Container. I've labeled a few of the pockets for you, but really you can use your imagination and it won't take long for you to come up with a bazillion things you can store this way.  
Last but not least is the top shelf which I seldom need to access.  These compression bags (no vacuum needed) from Clever Container are how I store all of our winter hats, scarves and gloves.  They are perfect for this use.
Remember this?  Don't be a Monica:

How's your closet doing?

What did Jacqueline at Creative Outpour work on this week?

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Jacqueline Presley said...

That Monica video is solo me. Lordy!

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