How to organize your jewelry: Reclaiming our spaces series

 This is all the jewelry I own.  Even though I keep my collection relatively small it was getting messy.
It took very little money and time to get it under control.

I used small, clear command hooks.

 I simply attached them in a staggered fashion onto the bottom of my floating shelf.
These particular hooks are absolutely perfect for this job.

I even have room to grow!  And I love that my necklaces won't scratch the wall paint.
My bracelets have more room to breathe on this former mug holder.

How do you store your jewelry?   I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and pinned them here before creating my own idea.

See what space Jacqueline reclaimed over at Creative Outpour!

1 comment:

Jacqueline Presley said...

Smart! Great ideas. I took an old board from my old cabinets & put a bunch of cup hooks across the top of it to hang all my long necklaces. That's the biggest mess to deal with because it gets all tangled!

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