Reclaiming our spaces: My vehicle!

The end of the school year and beginning of summer seemed like a good time to tackle my car.  I was working with a client one day last week and I needed to pack out my van with her donations so once I had dropped off the load I felt like it was the best time ever to clean out my vehicle.  I mean, after it gets hot I always use the heat and humidity as a legitimate excuse.  
So, I took everything out and used my dust buster.  I learned I need a new one.  I keep saying I need to replace it because it's not doing very well and it has a hard time charging but I could hardly vacuum up the spaces very well.  I managed to get most of the crumbs out of the seats and emptied my 7 year old's kleenex box that works so well as a trash can.  I had her help too.  And I called it "good enough" as opposed to hauling my girls to the car wash to use their vacuums which are loud enough to freak my youngest out.
I took out my handy little container called the StuffIt.  I have a Honda Odyssey (04).  And I need a lot of things within arm's reach.  I am only 5 feet so I can't reach very far.  This little girl (Miss Dotty) is not only super cute and easy to wipe down she's ADORABLE!  I have been using it on the floor between the front seats for a year and it looks brand new.  I wiped it down, de-cluttered it and refilled it.
I keep suckers, business cards, pens, CDs, highlighters, hairspray and my mileage log here.  I haven't been so successful at keeping track of business mileage until I put Miss Dotty into my car.  
I also use the SwingAway to keep me organized.  I emptied this out and threw out old coupons.  I always keep a Clever Container catalog in here, a pad of paper, and restaurant coupons.  File folders fit in here well too.  When I go to work with an organizing client I put their file in here before I leave.
And I love these car hooks that slide around my arm rest poles.  My 3 year old's diaper bag is always easy to find.  My 7 year old likes to hang a dainty purse on them as well as a large pretzel while she buckles up!  
My auto is far from looking detailed but the thick layer of dust is gone and every time I get behind the wheel I smile. Cleaner makes me happy.  

When cleaning our your vehicle don't forget all the cubbies.  I forgot to have my daughter go through hers in the far back.  But I did go through my glove compartment.  I took out all the gas receipts to be filed with taxes and just left the necessities in there.
Do you need to reclaim your automobile?  Just work in one area at time. I started in the back and ended at the driver's seat. Arm yourself with two bags. One for trash and one for items that need to be put away out of the car.  Anyone who uses the vehicle needs to participate.  
I thanked my helpers for doing their part by having a "tailgating party" :)

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