Organizing the kitchen: Reclaiming Our Spaces Series

I don't know if anyone else is having as much fun as I am with this Reclaiming Our Spaces series.

Sometimes I choose the reclaimed space, sometimes it chooses me.  It chose me this time.  I had the day off on Tuesday so I set to work cleaning my kitchen.  I really hate to clean.  No, I REALLY hate it. That means I'm easily distracted.  I think I am passionate about organizing simply because it's a perfect distraction from actually cleaning.

While I was cleaning my kitchen I realized it had been years - eww! far too long since I'd made time to thoroughly clean my Pampered Chef Turn-About.  Originally I was not interested in this product.  I only envisioned it as a clutter eyesore.  But 10 years ago I hosted a huge Pampered Chef party and I got it for free.  So I decided to try it and figured with only four drawers in my kitchen it might come in handy.  It hasn't left my counter since that first day!  And all my tools are always organized!  I took a little time on this week to de-clutter the tools, clean the organizer, and re-organize it.
I laid out and grouped all of my tools I wanted to store, after I culled the tools of course.
Next I filled the turn-about based on these groupings.  I put my tall and most used spatulas in the middle so I never have to turn it to grab one.  I use at least one of these every day.
I continued on filling the spaces with like-grouped items.

I will also let you in on a little distracted-from-cleaning fun.  This turn-about has been solid white for ten years.  I always thought it would be fun to add some charm to it, but I never took the time or had a simple idea.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know I am wild about Washi Tape.  So, I decorated this tool holder with super cute Washi Tape! More details here.

While I was having fun with washi tape I added a little cuteness to a few shelves.
My next goal for this cabinet is to line the back with pretty paper or fabric.
My kitchen honestly stays pretty organized.  Everything has a home.  Smaller bowls are nestled inside larger ones.  Like items are stored together.  My kitchen only has five overhead cabinets.
I have about seven lower cabinets and only four drawers.  And those drawers are little ones!  Also, I am only five feet tall.  Working in a kitchen is a height challenge for me.  I can barely reach my second shelves so anything above what I can easily reach is storage for items I very seldom use.  

Below are some older photos to show you how I have created more work and storage space on the other side of my kitchen.  
I found the wall ladder and the stair-stepped cubes at a flea market on the same day, in different booths. You could do the wall ladder idea with an old baby bed side gate, that might be what this is.  Or you could create something similar with pegboard.  I hung it with L brackets and ribbon.  I used s hooks to hang everything.  You could also use cute ribbon!
 I love this non-traditional paper towel holder!  It's a simple wire basket.

 The menu board is an etsy purchase.  I like that it's magnetic because I can post a recipe card on it while I'm cooking.
 I like having often-used tools out but separated into compartments.  It makes the cooking process so efficient.
So, there's a tour of my kitchen!  I didn't really reclaim much.  But, I enjoyed what did.  Now, if I could just keep it clean!

See what's going on with Jacqueline this week in this series.
Leave a comment letting me know you are enjoying this series.  I'd love to know if you've been inspired to reclaim some of your space.  

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