Reclaiming our spaces: my desk and office area

Thanks for stopping by to read the first in the new series:

As soon as Jacqueline and I started talking about a new series I worked on my desk and office area.  I have been working on this space little by little lately.  And it's this particular filing contraption that was driving me nuts:
I am locked into this 15 year old desk because I simply can't afford the system I deem best for me.  And this filing contraption doesn't fit well on my desk.  If I put it on the higher shelf I'm too short to use it how I need it.  And this is my day-file system.  I need access to these every day.

On Saturday I was taking a little bit of time for me.  I was on the couch engrossed in a fantastic Organizing publication.  And I saw something that gave me an idea.  I had not considered using this system differently:
This is a "Project Board" from Clever Container.  I have been using it for a year to hold some of my Clever Container stuff.  And it's worked great.  And because it's worked well I hadn't considered using it differently until I was inspired by the magazine.  The main goal on Saturday was to reclaim my flat space on my desk.  So I put all the day files into the Project board:
And then I culled the file folders as quickly as I could. I didn't get rid of much.  I didn't like how cluttered it looked so I thumbed through my office supplies and found almost enough folders to help out:
I took the day clips off of the clear file folders and put them onto the teal folders so I am sure to grab the right file for each day:
Just doing this one reshuffle meant I gained flat space:
I used a bronze coated expandable shelf from Clever Container to gain even more space.  Under that I used some frosted drawer organizers from Clever Container that I dressed up with washi tape and a crafty label from Avery.
I bought a nice bamboo cookbook holder a month ago to hold my paper calendar where I can see it.  I still can not go completely digital! I use a Make Up Manager from Clever Container to hold notes and paper.  I use a document box from Clever Container to hold a projects I'm working on like photos that need a new home or a project that needs culling.  The green one is currently empty.  I can use it to sweep a project in it if I need the flat space and the project is not yet completed.  Also to note:  I have a nursing stool I keep under my desk so I am comfortable while I work.  Working with legs dangling is a no go!

What happened to that filing contraption I had on my desk?  Since all my day files were located elsewhere I could use this divider up higher.  It holds a file for my current Simply Organized clients, recently closed party hosts for both Tastefully Simple and Clever Container.  It holds Hostess packet contents too.  And I love that it's not overstuffed.
Because of a previous engagement I had to stop there.  But I didn't feel quite finished.  As soon as I could I reshuffled some things in my neighboring bookshelf.  

Because I am wearing so many career hats I have had to resort to one "to go" bag for each job.  They line up on the floor like this:

That's what I worked on.  It took a big chunk of my Saturday.  But it was worth it.  It's not HGTV or Pinterest pretty.  But the point is it's better!  It is more functional!  And it makes me happy.

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Jacqueline Presley said...

I love all your bags for all the different jobs you have. You are a industrious woman!!! : )

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