Reclaiming Our Spaces: My Master Closet

I have been working on reclaiming the playroom.  It's a big task and I haven't had an entire day to devote to doing it but I am taking steps.  Because of that, these guys (see below) were waiting to be re-purposed.  I've had the black set for 10 years.  The white ones I've had for at least two.  I thought I might be able to use them in my Master Closet.  But I've been putting that culling project off for a long time because I suddenly love clothes and feel I might have a problem.  Can you relate?

I cull each season, some, but haven't really hit my closet hard in a long time.  But this week I was still going to be a pansy and just de-clutter and organize the floor so that I could get these guys into a new job.

I don't like round containers for organizing. They are inefficient. But I've had this basket a long time so I was using it.  I moved a tax box I keep in the closet over here so that it's easier to access.  Now, grabbing and returning slippers, old shoes, and swimsuits is a breeze!

...and this jumble of a mess?  I was not using the vertical space I could here.  The box on the bottom is a container I keep little presents in for Christmas and stuff.  I know I can no longer keep a box with a label "Christmas" on it so low now that my kids are getting bigger, but it's here for now.  I moved my scarves from the hooks on the wall and now the long johns are not thrown around the closet floor.  The extra bags are still in the corner of my closet but they are all inside a nice vertical bag and fit perfectly in that space and I can get to them easily too. I honestly considered stopping the project right here.

 But when you walk into my closet this is what you would see and it bugged me.  

Culling my clothes was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  My husband has the bulk of the middle shelves and I didn't touch his stuff.  These shoe bags are my shoe boundary.  I've had them for 10 years.  I try to keep the shoe volume to this.  

Notice the wall space.  I thought that basket and those hooks were helping me.  But I took the time to go through the items in my striped drawers (20 years old). One drawer was full of socks I have not worn in 10 years.  I donated those and put my colored socks in there as well as my little athletic socks.  Yay!  

And of course, less is more:

I also have a great place for my two pairs of boots now.  I used boot boxes from Clever Container.

And I switched out all of my seasonal clothes which really helped.

I like to use dividers like this in my closet.  It's another way to visually separate my skirts from pants etc.  

I am so thankful I didn't put this off any longer!  What are you working on this week?

If you need me, I'll be in my closet reading what Jacqueline did over at Creative Outpour!

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Jacqueline Presley said...

Good for you for taking on your closet! It's definitely on my to-do list! : )

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