"I'm in charge of this year's Thanksgiving meal! Crap!"

I hope you're not feeling this way (see title of this post).  But if you are I'm showing a resource that might help you by first getting organized and making a plan!

Below's post is by organizingyourway.net.  Enjoy the site and enjoy the printables!  If you use any of this and like it, make sure to let this blogger know!  I'd like to know if it was helpful to you too. -Holly

Thanksgiving Your Way: Recipes, Traditions, Decorating + More

by MANDI on NOVEMBER 1, 2010
I know Thanksgiving can be stressful if you’re the one preparing the feast or hosting the dinner in your home, and I’ve spent the past couple of weeks putting together a free ebook is to help you plan your Thanksgiving so that it’s the kind of celebration you want. That may mean a new family tradition, a new recipe or a scaled-back meal plan. Or it may mean just getting organized earlier to lessen the stress.
Because I am an admitted kitchen dunce, I knew I couldn’t put this ebook together on my own, so I’ve partnered with more than 15 bloggers to highlight their recipes, traditions and decorating ideas. You’re sure to find a recipe or idea that inspires you within these pages, and I hope you’ll spend some time visiting the contributor’s sites as well!
And be sure to print out your free planning pages as well:

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