Organized Garage - Before and After

I have been excited to share this project with you.  However, I was a bit sad to see how blurry my photos were.  Sometimes I'm so excited to get started or thrilled at the end that I can't be still.  So, move your head back and forth a bit to get a more clear picture of this project.

This client has a three car garage but one car.  She has a kiln which requires a lot of space.  Making pottery also means having a lot of tools and fun stuff to work with.

Our client had also experienced a lot of loss in her life in the past seven years.  She is an organized person.  But like many, there are just some life events that mess everything up.  Our client had been through many items in her garage already but after some self-reflecting she realized she was feeling depressed and it was happening because of this one area in her house.  It was daunting and seemed absolutely no fun.
She said her spirits were already lifted after our discussion on the phone and scheduling our work days.  She was ready to work.

And look!

 Janet, our client, and I worked about nine hours in here.  Our client said this was the best money she'd spent in two years.  We all had a great time working together and she loves her new space.  Don't you?
 She now has her desk space completely clear to work.  Her desk drawers aren't even full.  Now she even has some empty shelving to lay some of her current projects in progress.
 Her kiln has the required breathing room it needs.
 All of her supplies are in easy reach and sorted by type.

We created a u-shape in her garage so that she had plenty of room to maneuver everything.  The shelves on the right contain all of her Christmas decor.  The shelves on the left contain other seasonal decor and gardening supplies.  The shelves front and center contain candle holders and flower vases for her big entertaining parties.  Our client is on the elder side of life and has an empty attic.  She'd like it to stay that way.
On the side of the garage nearest the door to her laundry room we stored a shelf.  The items on top are outdoor cushions.  She found the nice vacuum packed bags on the right at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Here she has her small power tools, spot cleaner, light bulbs, cloth shopping bags and more.
Next to the tall shelf is a tool box with drawers.  Everything is sorted and labeled.
This client paid for about nine hours of organizing services and nothing else.  She scheduled donation pick-ups with Potter's House in Fayetteville and already had all the tubs, boxes and shelves we used.  During much of our time together we asked her to take a seat while we brought items to her asking what their future held: Keep, donate, or trash.

She did a fantastic job making quick decisions and we loved lifting the cloud that had been hanging above her head.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! It is nearing the perfect season for garage clean ups and organizing.  Do you need help?  Schedule your consultation by phoning us (our numbers are located here in the header), or emailing us.

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