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Tastefully Tuesday is all about the kitchen.  It's about food.  It's about feeding my family and sharing resources with you.

Last week I spent some time on the 5 Dollar Dinners website.  Thanks to a small group I was a part of at church I am trying to feed my family on a set budget. And after going through a second experimental group focused on spending my time and money on things that matter most, that budget is now very small.  Because  I am a bit worn out after those groups, I investigated 5 Dollar Dinners' pitch, "20 meals at Sam's Club for $150".  She even has a pinterest board dedicated solely to the menu plan I was most interested in.

Basically, you can pay $1.49 and get all of the following in one tidy download:

  • Complete grocery shopping list for Sam’s Club AND additional ingredients
  • Each recipe with all ingredients listed (Sam’s Club, pantry, and grocery ingredients)
  • Directions for each recipe
  • Freezer and slow cooker tips

  • Read more: http://www.5dollardinners.com/20-meals-from-sams-club-for-150-meal-plan-2-with-printables/#ixzz2v1kIh3fR

    After looking through the menu I cut two meals from the plan as I didn't think my family would eat them.  I assigned a number to each meal, went through recipes and put the meal number next to the ingredients list.  It was easy to see what ingredients I no longer needed after cutting meals number 9 and 10 from the plan.

    I went to Sam's over the weekend and bought all of my ingredients and it was at about $150 and I will have some left-over ingredients.

    I printed all of the documents I paid for and have them hanging on my refrigerator.

    When I got home I baked most of the chicken breasts with oil, salt, and pepper then I shredded some of them and added the recipe's amount of chicken broth, labeled the freezer bag (recipe plus contents) and put it in the freezer.  I also marked on the recipe's page that the cooked and shredded chicken was already in the freezer.

    And one thing I loved?  The author has a video where she talks about each and every recipe in the meal plan.  I love that she has cooked this plan and has tips and tricks to share.

    I was looking for a break in meal planning and Erin Chase gave that to me.  I don't normally shop at Sams, but I liked just shopping once.  I don't like that my fridge is packed (it's a small one) but I do like that the meals are already chosen until the next pay day.

    This is a very organized and simple meal plan to follow.

    I am in no way affiliated with 5 Dollar Dinners or Erin Chase but maybe this is a resource that can make your life more simple and organized today.  

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