Can these products make your life more simple and organized? Simply Indulgence box review from Influenster.

As a blogger I get the opportunity to try out products on occasion.  Also as a blogger my perspective is from an organized and simplicity one.  Recently I was sent a nice package full of products to try and I was asked to blog my opinion about them.  It was a random box of stuff but here goes.

From left to right:
Kiss False Lashes - I've never put on fake lashes before.  
Pros: These are not crazy thick and obviously fake lashes.  Okay to wear with contacts.
Cons: How do you keep fake lashes to stay on and not feel like they might fall off any minute?  Too long to wear with glasses.
Verdict:  Fail.  These are not for me.  I couldn't get them to stay on and had difficulty putting them on in the first place.  This was my first time ever.
Simple and organized? Nope, just one more thing to do and one more thing to store.  Mascara is quicker.

Red Rose Creme Caramel Tea
Pros: Simple, easy tea bag.  I used one tea bag the entire day and did not have any bitterness.  This is my new favorite hot tea!  I didn't even have to add sweetener to enjoy it.
Cons: none 
Verdict: Win!  I haven't tried the other flavor because I like the caramel one so much.  
Simple and organized? Yes!  You just need hot water and the tea bag!

Hershey Kisses - Milk Chocolate
Pros: Always tastes as expected.  Simple snack
Cons: I am a Dark Chocolate girl.
Verdict: Win! My girls were way super excited to get this family sized bag!  It also made for an easy and cute potluck contribution.
Simple and organized? Yes! It's a simple indulgence that most people enjoy.  It's easy to share and easy for the kids to help themselves:
Vaseline Men's Spray lotion
Pros: It's not sticky or slimy and it hydrates
Cons: It's crazy cold when you spray it on someone and you still have to rub it in.
Verdict: eeh.  We could take or leave this.
Simple and organized? Maybe, depends on where you are spraying it.  It is less messy than your standard lotion.

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask
Pros: It doesn't leave your face dry and you only leave it on for 10 minutes.  No parabens or other chemical crap!
Cons: It took me three tries to get a good consistency.  For some reason I thought I should shake it.  It was runny and couldn't dry.  It ran right off my face.  I read another reviewer who said she shook it a while so I thought maybe I didn't shake it enough.  I got the same result.  On the third try I didn't shake it at all and it worked.  
Verdict: Win - I like this product for it's lack of chemicals and only needing to wear it for 10 minutes.
Simple and organized? Yes.  I wear glasses so if I can't use a product like this in the shower then I won't use it.  If I didn't wear glasses I'd walk around in my mask.  Any beauty treatment that allows you to be productive at the same time makes for a yes.  

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 day Flat Iron Spray
I have crazy straight hair and no frizz and I just got my hair cut shorter.  Thankfully my seven year old has crazy hair.  It's wavy and a bit frizzy.  
She wanted to try the Kiss Lashes but I told her no but she could try the Frizz Ease.  She was excited to be a part of the experiment.

Pros: Just spray in your hair after you wash it.  We skipped the de-tangler and just did this instead.  Doesn't leave your hair greasy.
Cons: None unless you want to skip chemicals
Verdict: Win.  We sprayed her hair then blow-dried it.  We did not use a flat iron on it.  Her hair was much more calm for more than three days.
Simple and organized?  Yes!  This makes our life more simple!
Have you tried any of these products dear readers?  Do they make your life more simple or organized?

Thank you Influenster for giving us this wonderful J'Adore VoxBox of fun!  I enjoyed trying them and sharing my honest opinion.

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