Does your office give you energy?

During our snow days over the holiday I finally found time to do something fun.  I had a decorating project I'd been dieing to work on.
My office wall has been bland as all get out since 2002.  That is a long time to be "inspired" by this:
As I was searching for headboard ideas for my bedroom I found all kinds of photos like this on Pinterest (found here):
I love fabric and pretty paper but I am not crafty, you've heard me say it before.

In November my 7 year old and I were enjoying a Saturday thrifting session and found these goodies at the Fayetteville Trading Post:
It was my lucky day.  I waited until after Christmas to see if I got something on my list that I wanted to hang as part of this collection.  I also purchased three more embroidery hoops at Joann's on sale.  
I purchased one small piece of fabric and pulled out the red canvas fabric from my small stash.  
I had originally thought I'd paint each hoop because I think they make the hoops pop but I decided to use my fabulous washi tape!  If I were a patient person I would do both.  But that's not how I roll.  
One of the reasons I liked this idea was that perfectionism was not required!
I'm also excited that I can add to this as long as I want.  My Mother In Law just brought me three more hoops and I found a giant one at Goodwill two weeks ago.  I love that this is not matchy - matchy.  I have freedom to use what appeals to me regardless of color or design.  And let's be honest.  It's cheap and easy to hang.
That piece on the left is a Kellie Rae Roberts piece that was on my Christmas list.  I love reading every day that what I'm doing matters.  
I used more washi tape on the red canvas to make my initial.  My 7 year old says this is her favorite out of the bunch.  

When considering your office environment you need to ask the question, "What is in my office that is not supporting me?"  My evolving colorful wall adds to my energy.  

So tell me, What is stealing your energy?  What is adding to it?

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