Can Hellmann's new mayo bottle simplify your life?

I've told you before that sometimes companies will reach out to me and ask for a product review.  My angle is always asking, "Does it make life more simple or help me be more organized?"

This latest review may seem strange on this site because it's for Hellmann's Mayo.  The reason I wanted to do this review is because they have a new squeeze bottle!!

I do not personally use mayo a lot. I mostly use it to make dips.

Let me just say it took me about 2 seconds to squeeze out 1/2 Cup of the mayo and I created zero mess getting it out.

Hellmann's is touting its precision tip, clean-lock cap, and sleek design.

I tried to draw and write with this bottle but I did not succeed.  Others have, I did not.  But my little one was happy with the little dab I gave her in the center of a cracker.

Does this product help simplify your life?  YES! (I wish all my condiments had this bottle now)
Does this product help you be organized?  YES!  The slim bottle takes very little space in my condiment-crowded refrigerator.  The click lock cap keeps the bottle and your fridge clean.

I compared this product with a generic brand of mayo I already had.  The generic brand contains HFCS, the Hellmann's contains sugar.  If that is an issue for you, Hellmann's has your back.  

Hellmann's also states it's on a mission to use 100% cage free eggs.  They are not there yet, but they say they are trying.  The bottle also touts that it is rich in Omega 3s.  

So, thanks Influenster and Hellmann's for sending me a complimentary bottle of Real Mayonnaise.  

Thanks readers, may your summer picnics and at-home lunches be less messy!  


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