Organizing Projects for Kids

Top 5 Summer Organizing Projects for Kids

Now that your kids are out of school, this is a great time for them to get some organizing done! Here are the top 5 projects your children should work on during the summer:

  1. Purge backpack & school work

    If your children’s backpacks are crammed full of graded papers and old projects, kindly suggest to them that it’s time to purge and make room for the next school year. Only keep assignments and projects that they express deep accomplishment or attachment to. Store large artwork in a portfolio and graded work in a file cabinet or accordion file.

  2. Donate old toys & games

    Surely your children have built up a collection of toys since the Christmas season. Plan a special Service Project Day and tell your children it’s time to donate their old toys to children who are less fortunate. Only donate toys that are in good condition.

  3. Purge clothes

    Have your children grown in the past year or acquired new tastes in clothing? If so, it’s time to go through those old clothes and let go of the ones they don’t want or cannot fit into anymore.

  4. Clean/reorganize bedroom

    If your children haven’t cleaned their bedroom all year, then it’s time to crack the whip! Have them pull everything out, clean all four corners of their room and organize everything back in place.

  5. Plan a back to school party

    Nothing can be more fun for children than planning a big party! This will give them an opportunity to practice their managing, organizing and planning skills. Have them create an invitee list, mail out invitations, learn the true meaning of RSVP, decide on menu items and plan activities. Educate your kids on how to use timelines and to-do lists.
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