Tastefully Tuesday - simplifying suppertime with Freezer Meals and Meal Planning

Making life simple with a Freezer Meal Workshop and Meal Planning

My Tastefully Simple Freezer Meal workshop was on Saturday.  So before I got started I had my little 3 year old helper dump some goodies in the crockpot for supper later.  That was a great idea.  
With the menu I chose I had seven meals ready to be assembled.  I quickly realized the Roast recipe made a lot. I had happened to buy two small roasts instead of one bigger one which turned out great so I created an additional meal with roast by adding a Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce I had on hand from Tastefully Simple.  After assembling my meals I took stock of all the meals I have here at hand.
On the left I made a note of how the meal needs to be cooked.  On the right I made a note of anything extra I need to add or special instructions if the meal is coming out of the freezer.  I was pleased to discover that I had 15 meals ready to go.  That's half a month!  Since I organized this on paper I can easily write what side I can pull together for these meals on the day I am preparing them.  Wait.  I said 15 meals!  woohoo!

So here's my menu this week:
Next week's menu will just be a matter of filling in the blanks.  

What steps have you taken to simplify supper time?  

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