Clever Container in Northwest Arkansas - August special

This is the only to get this design in this bag - by spending $50 in regular Clever Container products, this bag is free.

Get out your tape measure because this guy is HUGE!  It zips shut.  I use one to cart my loot to and from shows.

It can become your "donate" bag: the place you temporarily drop item into that need to be donated.

Set it up in a child's closet or the laundry room and designate that the "grown out of" bag.  Once it's fully, label it and store it in the attic for your next child.

Fill it with linens, blankets or out of season clothing and store it under your bed.

How would you use this gargantuan bag if you got it for free?

Shop at to get it for free until August 31, 2013.

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