How a Professional Organizer can help you.

I was totally overwhelmed by the accumulated clutter in practically every room of our house. I knew something had to be done but had no idea where to start or how. It seemed just too big! Then I remembered meeting Holly from Simply Organized at a networking meeting and gave her a call. I was beyond embarrassed to have the Simply Organized gals look at how we were living, but Holly was so reassuring and gentle that I gulped and let them in.

Not only was Simply Organized non-judgmental, but they were very matter-of-fact and had an almost immediate game plan for how to tackle our house. They devised a room by room system that we worked through together. That's really important that they worked side-by-side with me because I never felt I'd relinquished control of my house and our possessions, but I also wasn't alone anymore. They worked tirelessly, were huge cheerleaders, and are amazingly smart and simple in their solutions. Nothing felt like a huge lifestyle change, but all the little changes added up quickly.
Over a year later, our house isn't in "showroom" condition, but it also is very well organized and clean. Small bits of clutter do still appear, but I now have tools and techniques for dealing with them before they become "decor" and overwhelming.
I'm very proud of the home Simply Organized helped me create. Now I'm never embarrassed to have people drop by and I'm ready to invite people over for any occasion. Best of all, we now live in a simply organized way because Holly and Janet have helped me get there and taught me how to keep it up. I am beyond grateful to Simply Organized. They changed our lives for the better.
Anyone would be well served by Simply Organized. They are clever, friendly, fun, and affordable. I've learned you don't need to live with clutter. Simply Organized can help you take and keep control of your home.
-Shawna T. - Fayetteville, AR

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