A de-cluttering project for your tween

Do you need help getting some things de-cluttered?  Are your kids home this summer?  We were recently working with a client in her Master Closet.  And we asked her 12 year old to go through all the food items and discard everything that was expired.  Mom told her to save as much packaging for recycling as possible.  She did fabulous!  
At one point Mom noticed a full bottle of molasses in the trash.  She asked her 12 year old about it.  The 12 year old said, "We still have 2 more unopened bottles."  I think she has the organizing gene!  
Do you know what else she did?  She wiped down all the counters and lazy susans too!  We didn't even ask her.  Not all kids will go that far.  But if you have a kid that is inclined to go that extra mile.  Let her.  Thank her.  High Five her.  WE DID!

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