Reclaiming Our Spaces: My garage!

When I work with a client, often the first place Janet and I start de-cluttering is a storage area.  It sometimes seems weird to the client but once we explain how we need a place to store things as we work, it makes more sense.  They understand we need some empty space.  

My husband and I typically do a yearly garage purge.  We enjoy the luxury of parking both of our cars in it year - round.  Because we've been doing it every year, it is easier for both of us to let go of things, especially for my husband.  

My lucky husband was not home the Saturday I decided to tackle this space, just me and the girls.  They were happy to discover the box of toys I had in the garage.  When my youngest was real little I scooped up every tiny toy thing that she could possibly choke on.  That box was revealed and the joy ensued (except from me).  

They looked through everything and decided what to keep and give away.  Let's just say these girls get an A in hoarding - Boo!
This is what I consider my little area of the garage.  It contains mailing supplies, paint supplies, and gardening supplies.  I bought the white over the toilet shelving when my husband and I were married only 3 years.  That was 17 years ago. I can't believe I can still use that cheap thing. The black stackable wonders were bought at Aldi's about 10 years ago and I always think I could use more elsewhere that size.  The white and black yaffa blocks?  Um, those are over 20 years old left over from my college days!!!!!!!!!!!  I had some extra clear shoe box tubs I could use here to organize some sprinkler stuff, gardening stuff, and killers.  Yes, if you are a killer, this is where you'd live.

 No, we did not keep this guy.  He was mad at us.  We all took a garage break and jumped in the van with Dad when he got home and took him to the nearest creek.
 Nearly two years ago we closed the Church we were involved with for over 10 years.  The few years leading up to it were stressful.  And when we finally closed it I didn't shy away from grabbing some kitchen cabinets.  Sure, the shelves are made out of an old sign, but I knew we could really put them to work.  They always remind me of the years we spent with people we really cared about for so long.

 And now one of the most important things about reclaiming this space is how easy it is to grab an extra chair when a neighbor decides to join us in the front yard for a little chat!
There's my "I Did It!" for the week.  I wanted to get this space into better shape before it got super hot.  It took me a whole Saturday but I didn't work quickly.  And I mothered two kids while I did it (I must say there are good kids).  We actually had a lot of fun together.  My oldest even brought some art supplies outside and created a couple of cute crafts while I worked.

And I didn't spend a single penny (oh what I could do to this joint if I could spend a gazillion pennies)!

Do you need to tackle some or all of your garage.  Do it!  Even if it's just a corner at a time.  Or do a clean sweep first.  Open up your trunck and fill it with things that are only taking up space.  Deliver them to a great resale shop.  

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Jacqueline Presley said...

Isn't the garage a chore? Good for you for tackling it!! Looks like y'all had a bunch of fun too : )

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