Help for organized simplicity!

I have been reading Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider.  I've been taking it slow and enjoying every bit of it.  It's a simple and holistic approach to living intentionally.  It is inspiring yet so practical.

Last Fall I took on an extra temporary job that just fell into my lap.  I enjoyed it. But I worked hard.  I was so busy I couldn't manage my paycheck very well.  And when it was over I felt like I hadn't gained a whole lot.

The following paragraphs from the book connect with me deeper because of that experience.

It truly is ironic that we don't have time to enjoy the gadgets and luxuries we can afford on a large income rewarded from long working hours.  We spend much of our weekends catching up on laundry, running errands, and cleaning the neglected bathroom.  It's a chain-link downward spiral:  We want stuff, so we work hard; our hard work allows us to buy stuff, but our hard work takes all of our energy, so we can't enjoy our stuff as much as we would like.  
A decluttered, simple home will remove much of your physical stress and exhaustion.  You won't feel overwhelmed when you walk in the front door.  Your relatively organized calendar will be easy to read and maintain.  And you'll be able to guiltlessly kick up your feet and rest in your armchair  enjoying the few things you do have because you truly enjoy them all.  
You will physically feel better when you get rid of those things you don't need.   
See what I mean?  

If you can't find this book at your local bookstore, I'm sure they can order it for you.  Or shop for it wherever you normally shop for books.  It's a true gem!

So tell me, did this excerpt resonate with you?

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