Kid's Valentines cards made easy

Last year my oldest child was in Kindergarten and "making" 20 Valentine's Day cards for her classmates was a chore.  I'm not a Mom who just does it all for my kids.  I like them to do it and own it.  But I was prepared with supplies, plenty of time, and a good attitude.  She enjoyed herself.

Before my child was even in Kindergarten I picked up some Valentine's cards the day after the holiday, on sale.  I bought a tub, slapped a chalkboard label on it, and labeled it Valentine's Day.  I filled it with the cards, a sharpie, and a regular pen.

Now, each year I simply bring that tub to the table when it's time to create these cards.  Since I already have all the supplies, I can get her started on this days in advance.  She's filling her Saturday afternoon working on this independently.  Valentine's Day is not until Thursday.  I love that we won't be doing this Wednesday night!
Make this "to do" fun, easy, and about them.

It's all about simple living.

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