8 tips to organizing your clothes closet

Clear out your closet

Does it fit?
Have you worn it in a year?
Remove wire hangers and plastic dry cleaning bags.

Focus on your shoes

Do they fit?  Are they comfortable?
Have you worn them in a year?
Remove items like rain boots and store them in the coat closet or mudroom.  
Store your shoes in a shoe file or clear shoe/boot boxes.

Assess the layout of your closet

Is the current placement of items working?  What should you change to be more efficient?  Do you need to add a few hooks?
Use every square inch.

Invest in the right kind of hangers for the type of clothing

Use wood hangers for suits, scarf hangers for scarves, belt hangers for tank tops and swimsuits.

Sort items by color and like items

Sort folded clothing by color in manageable sized stacks

If storing on shelves invest in some shelf dividers so you can easily view your stacks and they don't tumble over.

Keep items you use often at eye's view

Rotate your seasonal clothes

My out of season clothes are in cubbies on my closet's top shelf.  But many people use seal-able bags and store them under the bed.  

Every new season you should insert your hanging clothes backwards on the hanging bar.  Those items whose hangers are still backward at the end of the season show proof that you simply do not wear that article of clothing.

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Sandy C said...

This is a great list! Thanks for the advice:)

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