The freedom of completion! - The pantry

My pantry is formerly known as the laundry room where the washing machine sat.  Don't you like the lovely remaining faucet?  You could just pull up a cup and filler right up.  (I wouldn't advise it)  A few years ago we added on to our house increasing to a whopping 1777 square feet.  It's perfect for this family of four.  I gained pantry space (and a laundry ROOM) and I was so excited.  

I still only had one shelf  on this side a year or two later.  I was making do but not happily. I added some pretty ribbon onto the one shelf (I was crazy and used double sided tape...that'll never come off). It did make the space more cheerful but I wanted to use it to it's potential so I hired a friend to build and install some custom shelves.  The original shelf stayed because I was on a tight budget.  It cost me a little over $100 to add this custom shelving and it was worth it.  I had priced ready-made-not-perfect-sized shelving and brackets and it actually would have cost me more!
 This is how my shelves have looked for I think a year (I already can't remember).   I set up a coffee station in here since I had an outlet going to waste (and my shredder was too tall to fit here.  
This week I cleared out the pantry, cleaned it and painted it.  
 And I thought about how much I hate to paint and how many coats it was taking and how I should let it dry more before adding another coat.  And how I forgot the most important step which was primer!!!!!!!!
 I finally got the white part done at 1 or 2 a.m.  It looks brighter doesn't it?
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So, What do you need to accomplish? 
Make a plan. 
Schedule time for it. 
Feel the freedom in completion.
Done is better than perfection so just get to it!

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