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Organized for tax season

Have you done your taxes yet?  Are you procrastinating because it takes you so long to get everything together?  Not even sure what you should be saving, for how long, and how?

Come to the Organized For Taxes workshop on Saturday, February 25 and we'll help you plan for next year!  Diane Hagerty, a local certified Tax Accountant, will share her expertise with us.  Her tips will be beneficial for all but if you or someone you know also runs a small business this workshop is not to be missed!  While Diane helps us with the nuts and bolts of taxes (she has been doing small business bookkeeping, management, and tax work in NWA independently for about 10 years now, Simply Organized will show you a few types of systems that will help tax season be more bearable.

Janet Filbeck of Simply Organized has been self-employed for over 10 years.  Her system is simple and efficient.  Since not everyone is wired the same, we'll share more than one type of organizing system.  Holly of Simply Organized and Clever Container will also offer a tax organization kit of Clever Container products that you can buy at 10% off.

Already an Organized Freelancer?  Pass on this workshop information to everyone you know who isn't.  Do you know someone in Direct Sales (31 Bags, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Premier Jewelry...etc.), share this invitation for them to join us!  It will be worth the 45 minutes on your Saturday afternoon!

Info in a nutshell:
Organized Taxes
Saturday 2/25/12
3:30 pm
Vintage Fellowship

Please register by emailing: Just email that you plan to come.  Spread the word!

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