It's a busy day with Simply Organized

Yay!  We're on the front page of today with an article to help you meet your New Year's resolution of "Get Organized".

Get 2 hours of organizing at half price today.  Actually it looks like the deal is running for four days.
Ideas of how to use this deal:

  • you could use your time to have us organize your Christmas stuff so you can find everything easily next year! 
  •  work on a closet
  • work on your pantry
  • work on a big sorting project
  • hire us for a bigger project (something that takes more than 2 hours) and still get 2 hours at half the price - it's a nice jump start
  • unpack those boxes from your most recent move that are still sitting there yelling "yoohoo!" at you. 
Get creative! As of now there are nine deals left up for grabs!

Love your home!

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