Congratulations if you've gathered a few things and have a pile to give away.  Double congrats if you've gathered more than a pile and have a TON to donate.  

Is it sitting around?  It's not pretty is it?  Oh no, it's defeating the purpose.

Yeah, it's just more clutter.  

Today or tomorrow put those donations in your car.  Add "drop off donations" to your to-do list.  Make it a high priority and 

do it!  
(envision me pushing you and your stuff out the door ;0)


J. Alvey said...

How funny that you posted this! We had no school yesterday or today because of the snow. (We only got 3 inches here in SE Arkansas) I turned to my roommate yesterday after sitting around all day doing nothing and said "Tomorrow we are making a delivery to the Sheltered Workshop! I'm tired of this junk!" So glad I'm not the only one feeling that way right now!

Michele said...

I totally did this over the weekend! I hadn't planned it, but the urge to clean closets overcame me and I just let it rip! I took 3 bags of clothing to a thrift store today, recycled 2 old cell phones, had a new battery put into a watch I had forgotten I owned, and recycled plastic grocery bags that had been in my car for about a month. UGH! I feel so free and uncluttered now!!

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