Using a planner

Get used to the idea that everyone needs to have and know how to use a planner.  Choose a planner you enjoy using, whether it's paper or electronic.  Put everything into your planner and consider it your "information central".  Take your planner with you everywhere. Maintain one, and only one, planner.  Remind yourself that what gets scheduled gets done.  So schedule what you need to accomplish!  When writing in appointments make sure you are writing in appointments with yourself to get your work done.

Source: via Alisa on Pinterest

Designate one are of your planner for a master task list, especially items that don't have a specific due date so you don't forget about them.  Create a "task list" each day.

*These ideas are from an article written by Meggin McIntosh in Getting Organized magazine.

I prefer to have a planner that has a two-page view of the month and a two-page view of each week.

Use your planner and get your work done!

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