Inspiration Tuesday

I never know when I spend time with someone how I will help them.  Often, Janet and I will work a few days with a client and they are inspired, motivated and want to finish on their own so we let them. We know we've passed on some life-changing skills!

"I hated how much time I spend looking for stuff I know I have, but can't find.  I purged. A carload of stuff. I organized my kitchen cupboards and my bathroom cupboards.  I came to truly believe that managing stuff takes time and the way to have more time is to have less stuff to manage.  This will be a process that keeps going, but I believe something different now about the stuff I have, so I am on a mission to simplify, give things I use a proper home and make things work." -Vanessa in Springdale


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Ness said...

Wanna hear something else??? I organized my bathrooms cupboards during this purge. The other day, my neighbor came to the door with a cut on her hand and needed my help. I was able to run to the bathroom, pull out my drawer of first aid supplies all in one place, and fix her up. Organizing saves lives, People!!!!!

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