A great deal on a great organizing product!

Many of you are aware that I am a proud Clever Container consultant.  While I do not believe you become organized from just buying a product I do know that sometimes the right product makes the biggest difference!

On Good Morning America this morning they ran their daily deal segment which included one of my very favorite new products.  The Clever Cache is made in the USA and is exclusive to Clever Container.

You can purchase this product for 55% of at CleverContainer.com/holly.  Click "shop now" and this deal should appear. When you reach the screen that says, "Choose a party" choose "Shacklett Party".  Shipping on this product is $3.  It comes in a pack of 5.  This is the best deal you're going to find on this product and I honestly don't know how long it will last.
Even if you're not wild about the pink I'll tell you from experience that the pink helps you find it more easily after you've been storing it or after you see your mound of stuff you've just unpacked from your trip.

How to use:
You simply load the bag full of stuff like clothes then roll it up.  The air blows out of the edge which is seen at the top of these photos.

Uses: travel of all kinds, the beach, boating, camping, fill your seasonal clothes in here then store away.  Fill these with extra blankets and easily store them until you need them.

It's a seriously awesome product.  I gave some to my Sister-in-law for Christmas.  She's travelling in Canada this winter so this will enable her to take some extra warm clothes.  She could also easily use a bag to store her dirty clothes in.


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