Create a packing list

Will you or anyone else in your family be packing for a vacation of any kind this summer?  Here's what I do to help my family stay organized when it comes to packing.

I start by creating a packing list for each person.  You can do this in Word and create little check boxes before and after each item.  Organize the list with like items together and be detailed.  

Clothing: tops, bottoms, shoes, undergarments
Hygiene:  toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution, glasses
Hair: Shampoo, brush, hair goop, flat iron
Camera, extra battery charger, usb cable
For each item that has made it into the suitcase, check off the box before the item.  The box behind the item is for packing to come home because you will take this list with you.  

You will create a master packing list for other members of your family.  When your kids are old enough to read, they can help by packing themselves!  Make sure you include car games or toys they might like by adding: 5 toys for the car or something like that.  For kids you'll also need to add how many t-shirts, pants etc. they might need.  

The other beauty of creating a master packing list is you just tweak it for the season or the trip and print it off for each trip.  

When we had a high-maintenance dog (named Petey) I always had a "Petey Care" instruction document handy in Word.  Then all I needed to do was tweak any information for the amount of time we'd be gone.  I'd do the same thing for housesitters.  

This may take a few extra minutes for you up front but remember, you are basically creating a "vacation system" that you'll be able to implement from here on out with little effort after it's set up.  

This works like a charm for me and my family.  I hope it does for you and yours as well.

Happy Summer!

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