Weed out those jeans!

I just read this in Better Homes &Gardens magazine.:

Don't be afraid to donate ripped & worn-out clothing to Goodwill.  Clothes that aren't sold in the organization's retail stores are sold to textile recyclers who make them into industrial rags, so Goodwill still makes money.  

Another option this month is to turn jeans into eco-friendly insulation.  National Geographic Kids magazine is trying to set a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of clothes for recycling.  Through Cotton Inc.'s "From Blue to Green" program, the denim is shredded, turned into UltraTouch Natural Fiber insulation, and donated to families in need.  See cottonfrombluetogreen.org for details.  Jeans must be received by June 30.

Now, isn't this a great reason to eliminate some clutter from your closet (life)?!

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