A Giveaway! This week only!

Would you like to WIN either of these?
1) 3 hours of organizing from us
2) Full house cleaning?
3) Room rejuvenation?

If you live in Wasington or Benton counties then be sure to register to win one at NWAMotherlode!  This is the biggest giveaway Simply Organized has ever given.

Hang out at the site and read lots of great stuff too.

1 comment:

Shannon Magsam said...

Woo-hoo, Holly! This one was a biggie! Lots of comments and close to 600 names on my giveaway spreadsheet ;) NWA mamas have a desire for their homes to be clean, organized and beautiful! Maybe when we're grandparents? :)

Thanks to you and Janet for donating your time for this amazing giveaway.

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