Compromising Organizing

It's difficult enough for some people to organize themselves but when you get two adults who are wired differently trying to organize their lives together, it's just not easy for some.

When my husband and I bought our first home I had an epiphany. I KNEW exactly where I should hang a hook for us (my husband) to put our keys. He was resistant, arguing that there was nothing wrong with just laying them wherever he felt like. I know I gave him my, "You're absolutely crazy" look. We "communicated" about it. I told him that was a terrible idea because he would never find them because he wouldn't put them in the same place every time. I hung the hook anyway. He was willing to give it a try. His keys have been going there for years and he has NEVER lost them. I chose the location of the key hook because I suspected it was a good location for him. THAT'S why it worked. It might not be the most logical or prettiest place for a hook but it totally works for him and that's all that matters. It's a big deal to always know where your keys are.

When couples don't agree on organizing solutions, their differences prevent them from moving forward even though they have the same goal. And rather than argue about it, they ignore the subject that desperately needs talked about.

The bottom line is compromising. And it's also about constantly reflecting on what is most important. When you are de-cluttering and having a hard time letting go of things you have to ask yourself, "What's more important, making space or keeping stuff?"

When the discussion gets heated, step back. Remind yourselves you have the same goal and that you are wired different. What seems perfect for you might not be for her. The key is also to not shoot down each others ideas every time. Take some time to consider the idea and maybe even try it.

And let me remind you that Simply Organized is here to help you. Sometimes you need a mediator. Sometimes you need a Professional to guide you. Sometimes you just need more hands and brains to help make it happen.

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