Basic Rules from Becca Clark

Pick a small area that you want to re-claim, set a date, and follow the 5 steps of SPACE
to deal with clutter anywhere:

Sort - pull out everything in the set space and go through it critically examining its use in your life. Place everything into piles, bins, or boxes by categories that you determine.
Purge - donate anything you don't love or use, or trash it if there is no value to anyone
Assign a home - for the items that remain, decide which you use most often and place them into the "prime real estate", or the area that is most accessible in your space. Place less used stuff in less prime areas and always keep like things together so they'll be easier to remember and find later.
Container-ize - find the proper containers for the items you are keeping and place them back into their new Home. The best containers will fit your space and budget, be visually pleasing, protect items if needed, and will "corral" your stuff - keeping it where you want it.
Evaluate - organizing is art, not science, and your needs and life will change. Decide if the current organization plan works well for your household and be comfortable tweaking or completely re-arranging it when needed. You cannot fail at this, so no need to procrastinate.

- When dealing with paper - mail in particular - there are really only 3 options to manage it:

File - place items you must save into files that are labeled and easily retrieveable
Act - take the necessary action at the proper time (pay bill, RSVP, send card, etc.)
Toss - throw it away! Now - before it forms a magnetic pile that attracts others of its kind!!

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