Practical organizing tips

Some Practical Organizing Tips...

Start with one SMALL area at a time. If you try to organize your entire home or office at once, you will only get overwhelmed and give up. And that doesn't have to mean "one room" -- it could be a closet or cabinet or drawer -- whatever is manageable.

Go into the project prepared to get RID of things. While organizing is more than just cleaning out, you need to be willing to give something up if it's broken, obsolete, hasn't been used in years, or serves no purpose in your life. It's very freeing!

If you have a hard time making decisions, bring in an objective THIRD party -- not your nosy mother-in-law or best friend who will tell you to keep it all. But someone who can honestly say, "Why are you keeping that?" -- like a Professional Organizer!

Thank you!

Do you have an organization goal this week? Since it's a new year, I am rotating tax papers. I have put all of my bank statements into my new 2007 Tax box. My next step is to go through my bill statements and organize them, then I will add them to the Tax box. I need these documents for tax purposes. At the end of the day, my files will be empty and that feels good! I have also prepared my accordion receipt folders, ready for all my tax deductible expense receipts.

Make a goal this week, it can be as small as mine, but do make it and do it.

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