Laundry room storage

We just finished building an addition onto our house making it 1700 square feet. Within the new 500 square feet, I gained a laundry room! We have some things that still need to be done in each room, mostly storage and beautification projects. But we have a tiny budget. My laundry room shelves are pretty much last on the list. In the mean time I decided to use the new guest room's giant closet for laundry storage and such. Might as well.

I have hated having everything on top of my dryer though. So, as I was shopping today and making notes of potential solutions for all of our needs, I stumbled upon this lean storage unit. I thought it was perfect and would fit between my washer & utility sink, as my washer and dryer were closer together. I wished it were cheaper but I thought it would meet both my immediate and long-term needs and this was the only one left. So I bought it.

I quickly learned it would not fit between the washer & utility sink. Oh no! Then I got smart and thought it would be best placed between my two units anyway and if I scooted them, may this thing would fit. And it does. With centimeters to spare. I was able to fit all kinds of laundry tools in here and then some. I also love being able to put things I always use on top.

I love organizing. And so often I have a "plan" then something in that "plan" doesn't quite work. Then I get to figure out how to change the "plan" and usually the change is better than my original "plan"! And this gets me really really excited!

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