Why do people get unorganized?

The typical American burns roughly 12 weeks a year looking for things he or she owns but can’t find, according to a recent article in Newsweek magazine.

Wasted time is just one of the negative side effects of being disorganized. It can also cause illness or depression and wreak havoc on your finances if you’re getting charged late fees for misplaced bills.

Why do people get unorganized?
It's simple really. Most people are just so busy living their day to day lives they do not take time out to say, "Stop, let's figure out how to make this family and home run more smoothly". The thought of that is too overwhelming for some. Others believe every family is as unorganized as they are and this is just the way life was meant to be. And for some who have taken the time to attempt a big clean up and organization of the family get it all messed up again. We get lazy by not putting things away in their proper place.

Stay At Home moms can sometimes find minutes here and there to get something accomplished or organize a drawer or two. Women who work away from home come home to such a large daily "to do" list there just doesn't seem to be enough time to organize stuff and people. Because our lives are in constant motion it sometimes just seems easier to buy an item again rather than spending time looking for it.

A large part of why so many are unorganized is our society's sense of entitlement. We've worked hard so we deserve more stuff. Even though there's not enough room for the stuff we already have, we want and deserve more.

We have attached an emotion to many things we own even though they are just "things". Far too often we hold on to things out of guilt. We hold on to things that no longer hold value to us or are no longer relevant. Many often hold on to things because "stuff" makes them feel loved, needed and important. It's hardest to let go of items you have personally attached yourself to even though you may no longer love it or can no longer use it.

The result of keeping so much stuff is unnecessary and unneeded emotional baggage. You will not realize how free you can feel until you get rid of the excess.

I held on to many "things" after I got married. For 9 years we rented and I held on to so much, waiting until we got our first house to see what we'd need. My kitchen is small and I had a LOT of kitchen/dining room stuff. I don't have a dining room with a different color scheme than my kitchen like I thought I might some day. So, as soon as we were finished moving in, I sold a ton of stuff at my garage sale. It was hard to let really nice stuff go for so cheap. But you know what? I have NEVER regretted that huge sale. I felt so free when the sale was over.

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