Organize your Kitchen

6 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen
By Eversave Home Center

1. Designate cabinets in your kitchen for certain items. This will help you remember where you put certain items and make it easier to locate them. Also, you can buy plastic organizers for inside of the cabinets.

2. Store appliances that you don’t use on a regular basis in cabinets instead of keeping them on your counter where they take up a lot of space.

3. Get a paper towel holder. The ones that hang from the wall or from underneath a high cabinet are the best. They save counter space and are easier to use if you’re reaching over to grab a paper towel with one hand.

4. If you have a kitchen table that seats more people than the amount of people who regularly sit at it, remove the extra leaf in the middle, if it can be removed. Also, remove extra chairs and store them somewhere else if you don’t use them. This will instantly make your kitchen seem larger.

5. If you like to keep your keys in your kitchen, buy a key hook for them. This will prevent everyone from throwing their keys on the counter where they can get lost.

6. Keep your refrigerator organized. Whenever you go grocery shopping, make it a point to also clean out your refrigerator. This way you can get rid of items that have gone bad and make extra space in your refrigerator.

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