How to pull off a garage sale the easy way

1. Involve just a few friends.
2. Use a remote location like a church space.
3. Make pricing simple.
4. Agree that everything left over gets donated.
5. Share with each other what you will do with the cash you just earned.

1. Too many people and it gets confusing to sort out the money.  Too few and it's not as much fun.  One person can work on signage, another on marketing the sale...
2. You can set up all week long and none of you is giving up your garage or house space for the week.
3. Tell every customer that all clothes are $1 unless marked etc.
4. The point of the sale is to de-clutter.  Because it's already out of your house you don't want to bring it back.  Designate one of you to be the drop off person, while one sorts money, and the other cleans up post-sale.
5. It's fun to learn how de-cluttering for cash is providing needs for your friends: swim lessons for kids, food money for vacation, spending money for the constant $2 needs, etc.

While lingering after coffee one morning I told Vanessa and Natalie that I had set a date for a garage sale, it was 2 weeks away and you would have thought I'd offered them chocolate straight from Santa.  They almost squealed saying, "Can I get in on that? I need to have a sale so bad but the thought of it is too overwhelming."  What do you know, my chosen date actually worked out for all three of us so we teamed up.  As you can see we each made a decent amount of money for our efforts and we had fun.  I heard both of these creative girls talk about how much stuff they accomplished in just two weeks after this sale because they felt lighter in all areas of their life.

Don't just say you're going to have a garage sale...DO IT!  'Tis the season!

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natalie said...

holly, this post is SO great!!! i am going to share it on my blog soon!! thanks, girl!! i really did have a blast. it was so much fun getting to know you more :)

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