Keep your elementary aged kid on task!

Does your kid have a hard time staying on task when they get home from school?   Mine is in 2nd grade and sometimes things are just crazy around here and we don't have time to hover, yet she is capable of doing her home work on her own.  I created this cutie of a printable for my kid.  You can do it in picmonkey.  

I chose to use the words "groove" instead of chore.  I cracked up when I googled word choices to sub for chore.  I was looking for positive words, but super negative words came up.  So, "groove" won.  

This works for her at this age because their homework is relatively the same from week to week.

Notice how it never says "clean room" that is too overwhelming and not specific enough.

How about you? How do you keep your student on task after school?

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