Confession: snow days

Confession: I have been quite the slug with my whole family snowed in here for 5 solid days.  There are so many things I could have accomplished but didn't.  However, there are some tasks I did complete.

Like the normal stuff: doing dishes, making delicious meals from scratch, and laundry.

But I have had a mounting pile of clothing that needed mending.  I mean, I'd been collecting things to fix for at least two years since my tailor moved.  Convinced there were items I could fix on my own - quite unprofessionally - I did it!  I spent a few hours after the kids were in bed mending holes and hems.

I pulled my iron and mini-board out of the garage - they're stored there because I use them about twice a year.  I pulled my tiny sewing kit out of the laundry room as well as the mending box.  It is stocked with iron on patches that are great for tiny holes as well as fusible webbing.  I also keep a bottle of washable fabric glue.  I don't have a sewing machine and honestly if I did it would have been just as much work to set it up, thread the needle and bobbin and get to work.  And some things just need to be done by hand.

This has been looming over my head for a couple of years.  I am not joking.  Did I enjoy doing this task?  It was okay for the first hour, the second hour? Not so much.  But I am so excited to have some of my clothes back and my seven year old is too.

Another project I finally worked on was the box of broken and "needs batteries" toy box.  I got out the glue gun from the everything closet.  I keep the gun in a vintage metal lunch box which is also stocked with glue sticks.  This "broken" box has had toys in it for a few years too.  There's a few things I learned.

A glue gun can not fix everything.
Super glue - even unopened goes bad within a couple of years.
Ditto for cement glue.

So, I threw away more items than I was able to fix.  Did I enjoy this job?  I never do but holy cow I love that it's finished and no longer looming over my head.  Not to mention that my three year old is excited her talking puppet has a voice again.

I was thankful I knew were all the supplies were that I needed for these tasks because I have kept them organized.  

There is a bonus to being a slug. One of them is having time to spend with my littles by reading them books, building a cardboard house, making gingerbread garland, and watching movies.  Not to mention playing in the snow even if it's been literally freezing for days and days.

I didn't "work" my businesses.  I re-evaluated my priorities and my family is the most important to me.  And barking at them for making this post-snow play mess is not worth the heartache.

What about you?  Were you snowed in?  Did you accomplish some things so you could "get ahead"?  Did you relax?  What do you wish you'd have tackled?  Please share her on the blog with your comments below.  

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