How organizing is saving my bathroom! (plus a laundry room upgrade!)

Today  my seven year old said she wanted to start saving toilet paper cardboard for crafts.  I nearly fainted as this kind of thing is only clutter to me and I am not a crafter.  So I asked her, "Do you have any crafts in mind?"  She said no.  I asked, "Where will you store it?"  She said, "Behind the mirror that is propped up on the floor." Again, I about fainted.  She shared another total adolescent suggestion.  I said, "Why don't you just store them somewhere in the bathroom?"  She said, "That's a good idea." 

I know we are under-utilizing the storage under her bathroom sink so I thought that could be my blogging project because God knows I don't enjoy being in this nutty bathroom.  

This little stool is still a necessity even though it is a space hog.  But is does store extra rolls of toilet paper.  What is stored behind the middle drawer of the vanity are items we seldom need.  
We mostly just needed to do some basic de-cluttering in here, no big whoop.  Or so I thought.  I pulled out the white basket in the middle and noticed some things were slightly damp.  Uh Oh.
That rusty sink bowl has a small leak!  At least it's not the plumbing right?  
Except that just yesterday I noticed my van's front bumper had a large crack and something hanging from it: 
And my computer acts likes a slug when I am on the internet this whole two weeks and I just can't fix it because I am a computer moron.  It makes blogging, which I normally love, very painful.  So, when one thing goes bad it seems bad things are all around and they are huge problems only because the small ones feel huge when they are multiplied.  Are you with me?

After deep breathing, I was relieved I had this Clever Container smashable water-tight bucket to ensure under my sink does not get damaged while we figure this issue out.   

I wanted to consider this incident a get-out-of-jail-Reclaiming-our-spaces-free card but I needed to do something with my angst and needed to see more progress.  I had my kids go through their bath toys tub only to find out it was disgusting on the bottom.  So, I cleaned that out with the hose and let it air dry. And then I forgot it was outside and it's full of rain.  Metal + water = rust!  Pool of water+outside = mosquitos.  This is simply not my day.
Lucky for you I spent a few hours on Saturday shopping for the supplies to complete the shelves in the laundry room!  I can't believe how long it took for me to find the shelf let alone the right brackets, I was going cross-eyed from the frustration!  
But I love it!  I chose these categories for the labels because that is what I find not having a home.  Since I was pressed for time to complete this I called my crafty neighbor asking her where I could get chalkboard labels locally.  She said, "Buy the vinyl chalkboard in a roll and come over later.  I'll use my silhouette and we'll make whatever you want after the kids go to bed."  I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!  I offered a Peach Nehi but she already had a fruity rummy concoction going on.  Yay for good neighbors!  
So, it's one frustration after another for me this week.  But hey, I've got this kid to play with!
So, let it be a lesson for you, getting under your sink to organize might actually save you from catastrophe, you never know!

What's under your sink?

See what space Jacqueline reclaimed this week at Creative Outpour!

P.S. I honestly dreamt of chalkboard labels the night after I made them.  So I took some to my church. Wee!

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Jacqueline Presley said...

I love that we both were feeling about the same this week. Great job getting something accomplished anyway though! xoxox

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