Schedule time for the project.

It's happened to me.  I set a deadline.  I tell myself that the project must be done by a certain date and then before I know it, the date is here and the project isn't complete.   CalendarThe thing is that you actually have to DO the work before the deadline and that means...actually scheduling in that time.  Unless you schedule the time to do the work the project will not get done or you'll make yourself crazy rushing to do it.   

Chaos to Cash Strategy: 
"Deadlines are great when you have projects to do, but the most important part is to schedule time to do the project. 

Otherwise you'll either run around like crazy just before it's due, or you'll miss the deadline altogether." 

~ Chaos to Cash:  An Entrepreneur's Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm and Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit!  Chapter 2, Page 147 

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From: CarrieThru eZine

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