A year of de-cluttering - your car

Your car.

It's your home on wheels.  You probably spend more time in it than you'd like.

Open all the doors and windows and take a good look.  Who's the biggest mess maker?

Grab your family and arm them with small trash bags and begin.

Get everything out of your car and trunk.  Sort what you're finding into piles as you clean it out.

Clean the interior from top to bottom.  Clean the dash, the windows, the doors, especially the door handles, the steering wheel, everything.  Vacuum the seats and floor and don't forget to shake out the floor mats.

Hang litter bags from the head rests.  This one has an attached lid, is roomy, and is leakproof!
No-Leak Litterbag $17 CleverContainer.com/holly

You can hang a plastic bag from a car hook if you're not worried about leaks.
Set of two Car Hooks $12 CleverContainer.com/holly

I use the car hooks for a small diaper bag:

Don't forget to include a trash receptacle for the driver!  If your trash is always small, say straw paper, maybe all you need is a Car Pocket. You can store your sunglasses or phone in the front and your little pieces of trash in the other pocket.
Car Pocket $9 CleverContainer.com/holly
Store kids toys, games, and snacks in a behind-the-seat organizer.
Backseat Entertainment $24 CleverContainer.com/holly

Store the following in the glove compartment: owner's manual, maps, vehicle registration information, auto club information, accident report form, notepad, pen, flashlight, list of emergency contact names and numbers, tire gauge, paper napkins and any other frequently needed or essential items.

Simply restock your car with what you need, nothing more.
This Cargo Tote fits great in my van's cargo area.  I like that is has velcro on the bottom so it doesn't slide around.  
Cargo Tote $29 http://cleverContainer.com/holly
 A friend of mine doesn't have a cargo area so she uses one of these Cargo Pockets and loves it.  
Cargo Pockets $24 http://cleverContainer.com/holly
In the front seat area I personally use a product called The Swing Away.  It holds a lot of my stuff but if someone joins me as a passenger I just swing it to hang on the back on the seat.
Swing Away $25 http://cleverContainer.com/holly
If you'd rather use our sun visor more efficiently consider using a GripIt made for your sun visor.
GripIt Sun Visor $30 http://cleverContainer.com/holly
Tackle your car again every season.  Everyone who uses the vehicle needs to help since everyone contributed to the mess.  Enjoy your clutter-free ride!

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