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How to Keep a Storage Unit Organized

Self storage is not the ultimate solution to de-cluttering your home. However, it can be useful in certain circumstances that require you to temporarily store things away from your home. If you do decide to rent a self storage unit, keeping it organized is essential. Here are a few of the things you can do to keep your storage unit tidy and organized:

Be Selective About What You Store

Your storage unit should absolutely not be where you store all of the things that don’t fit in your home. So, before something goes in your unit, take some time to assess whether or not you can give it away or find a place for it in your home. Things like broken appliances and electronics that you only have a slight intention of fixing should generally not go in your storage unit. Likewise, small household accessories and decorations that are out of season or out of style usually belong at Goodwill, rather than your storage unit. Remember that the fewer things you store, the less effort you’ll need to put forth organizing your unit.

Visit Your Unit Once a Month

Remember that self storage, in most cases, should just be a temporary solution. So, it’s generally a good idea to visit your storage unit once a month and figure out whether you want to remove certain items and either give them away or take them back into your home. Additionally, each time you visit your unit, you should spend some time organizing it by making sure that similar items are grouped together in boxes and that large furniture is pushed to the sides of the unit. Don't forget to label absolutely every box!

Make Sure You Can Access Everything

You should leave a good amount of space in the center of your unit to make access to your belongings easier. So, push things to the side and don’t just pile things up from the back of the unit to the front of the unit. If you don’t have space for a center aisle, it may be time to consider what you can get rid of to make space or you may want to consider renting a larger unit that will be easier for you to keep organized.
The tips above are some of the most critical things you’ll need to do to keep your storage unit organized. Remember that proper organization of your storage unit and home will make it a lot easier to achieve a comprehensive de-cluttering of your life. 
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This week's de-clutter assignment: 
Organize your storage unit!  Remove what hasn't been touched since you first started using the unit.  Get rid of as much stuff as possible!  Make sure all your boxes are labeled and everything is easily accessible. 

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