12 months of de-cluttering - in the bathroom

Our bathrooms are small rooms but they sure do work hard.  And I've never met a person who actually likes cleaning and maintaining this space.  So let's get busy de-cluttering and making this room work better with less stuff. We're not hanging on to stuff we don't use. We're not hanging onto stuff we used a few times and didn't like.  We're not hanging on to stuff that is expired.  We're only keeping what we use and we're gaining a fresh start every morning.

Clear everything off the counter tops.  Look through what's been taking up prime real estate and only replace the items you use daily.  If a product has gathered dust, there's no question about it, you need to toss it. 

Toss old cosmetics.  It doesn't matter if it's barely been used.  Get rid of it.

Toss outdated medication. Google how to safely dispose of these items.  Toss last year's sunscreen. For insurance that your sunscreen will actually work you need a new bottle every year.  This stuff does expire.

Toss moldy or damaged items.  Toss empty bottles.  Look through the shower stall and take out duplicate products.  You only need one cleanser at a time.  Either restock your closet with the duplicates or toss them.

Corral the bath toys with a mesh bag or toy basket to keep them out of the way. Throw out any that have become moldy.  Rubber duckies easily get mold built up inside.  They need a specific home.

Don't forget the back of your toilet.  Throw out what you don't use.  Recycle old reading materials.

Clear off shelves just like you did the counter tops. 

Donate your unused excess to homeless shelters, Women's shelters, etc.  Toss items that have been opened and used. 

Now that you know what you have in stock, don't buy more!  It doesn't matter how good of a deal it is if it's taking up a bunch of space. 

If it didn't take long to de-clutter and you want to move on to organizing this space better, here are some recommendations.

Look for extra storage behind the door and stock a Clever Pocket.
Under-the sink cabinets can often be a waste of space.  Install a pull-out drawer to maximize space and accessibility.  Or use a tuff tote
 I like to use these clear cabinet cubbies.  They store a lot and are easy to see the contents. And did I mention they are a super durable product?
For a bathroom that is used by multiple people go the extra mile to label shelves, drawers and containers.  This helps when putting items away and everyone will know the system.

Use the wall behind the toilet to install shelves.  Store extra toilet paper here. 

Keep extra towels and wash cloths rolled up in an attractive way near the shower.  Use a tuff tote or something like this jumbo tote.

Place drawer organizers into drawers to help manage accessories, cosmetics, medicine etc.  I like this expandable drawer organizer.
Install a basic hook above eye level to hang your outfit while you shower.  My husband also stores his belts this way since he gets dressed in the bathroom every day.

Use a vanity spinner on your counter top and inside closets to easily see and grab what you need.

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